The Cold Coffee Blessings Shop!

I am so excited to share with you my Etsy shop that launched this week! I have always had a love for creating and just live for celebrating any old thing with my kids (National Donut Day, birthday parties, “let’s make a rainbow out of food for our lunch” day). Now I get to make things for other people who want to celebrate too. Introducing The Cold Coffee Blessings Shop! All the unique, handmade party decor for all the celebrations.

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How Do You Almond Butter?

Although this post is sponsored, all words, thoughts and opinions are my own and our family genuinely loves this brand! Thank you for supporting brands that support this blog!

Peanut butter has always been a staple in our house. We recently tried this Lindsay Almond Butter though and love it! (You probably recognize them from Lindsay Olives) The nutrition labels look very similar when comparing to our peanut butter, but I really like the almondy taste in the almond butter. Ella does too! more “How Do You Almond Butter?”

Fuel For Fire: Fueling our Family

Although this post is sponsored & includes affiliate links, all words and opinions are my own and our family genuinely loves this brand! Thank you for supporting brands that support this blog!

I always like finding new healthy snacks and foods for our family. This month we tried Fuel for Fire Fruit + Protein Smoothies! Whether I need a healthy snack to fuel me during the day or Ella needs something easy while we’re on the go or if my husband wants quality protein after working out, Fuel for Fire hits them all! See why we love them below!

Oh and the founder of this brand is a twin dad, so they already have my bonus points 🙂 more “Fuel For Fire: Fueling our Family”

Once Again, A Sweet Treat With Ella…

Although this post is sponsored, all words, thoughts and opinions are my own and our family genuinely loves this brand! Thank you for supporting brands that support this blog!

I recruited my 3 year old for this post as we review the brand “Once Again” and their new chocolate hazelnut spread. Though this toddler loves brussel sprouts (not even kidding) and asks for at least one apple every day…she has her Daddy’s sweet tooth & my love for chocolate. I’ll put the spoiler alert out here early…we love Once Again Nut Butter! Or as Ella calls it, “that chocolate racoon sauce, please!” 😉 You’ll understand when you see our pictures below… more “Once Again, A Sweet Treat With Ella…”

Preschool Science at Home: Floating & Sinking

If you know me at all, you know I’m a science junkie! I studied Biology in my undergrad and Science Education in grad school. I have such a love for making learning fun and learning through play or experiences, especially for my 3 year old. There are so many easy ways to instill an interest in STEM at a young age. And any chance we have to empower young girls in this area, you know I’m all in!

We got this science kit for Ella for Christmas and it is THE CUTEST THING EVER. We’ve done a few super easy experiments at home so far that Ella has absolutely loved. They’re simple enough that you should have everything on hand already & impactful enough to build knowledge about the world for a toddler! I have a few more experiments to share, but today I’m showing our “Floating & Sinking” lesson. You don’t need this science kit, it just makes it kind of special and fun. And come on, look at those cute little kid goggles! 😍 more “Preschool Science at Home: Floating & Sinking”

Favorite Valentine Books For Kids

With each new holiday and season that comes for our new family of 5, I get more and more excited to share these moments with my 3 kids. While the twins don’t know much of what is going on, Ella is all about “Balentines Day” this month. It’s so fun that the smallest details or surprises can be so exciting for kids. I’m talking heart straws in our milk, raspberry-pink dyed oatmeal or a new “love” book to read. Check out some of our favorites! more “Favorite Valentine Books For Kids”

Christmas Traditions with Artifact Uprising

Christmas traditions: Those comforting sounds, pictures and smells that take you to the best memories of your childhood or time with the ones you love most.

Some of my favorite Christmas traditions include a candlelight service at my church with my family, baking cookies, opening matching jammies on Christmas Eve, hunting for a Christmas tree at the tree farm, and eating pizza in the car as we drive around to look at lights. It’s interesting how you finally realize how much these really mean to you when you’re given the opportunity to pass them onto your kids and raise them with these same special moments. more “Christmas Traditions with Artifact Uprising”

Favorite Halloween Books For Kids

Books are one item that I will (rarely) ever say “no” to. They make the best gifts and looking through them is one of Ella’s favorite activities. We keep the bookshelves stocked in her bedroom and our living room with all of our favorites for morning, bedtime and quiet time. It’s fun to freshen up the shelves during the different seasons though! more “Favorite Halloween Books For Kids”

26 Week Bump + PinkBlush Review

And with week 26, I am powering through my last days of the 2nd trimester! It is surreal to think I have less than 12 weeks left (max) before 38 weeks and our twins are here. We are getting so curious as to who these babies are. Thinking of the moment I get to meet them is what keeps me going…because this is getting hard, guys!

At this point in the game, my lower back has been pretty sore with this growing front of mine. Only a couple of my maternity clothes from my first pregnancy fit this twin bump already! While feeling so uncomfortable now, it really makes a world of difference to feel pretty with some trendy maternity clothes. If there’s one thing you can say to a pregnant woman, TELL HER SHE LOOKS GREAT. OR BEAUTIFUL 🙂

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