Countdown to the Cross: Easter Banner [advent calendar style]

Happy April! It’s Easter month! What do you guys look forward to most during this time? My top three are these: growing & planting spring flowers, Easter morning church with our whole family, and putting together some super cute little Easter baskets for the kids.

It has always been my goal for my kids to know the real reason for these special, Christian holidays. How can God’s message stay at the forefront of there little minds when there’s SO MUCH CHOCOLATE?! 😊 We love finding fun ways to talk about the true stories of the Bible in the time leading up to Christmas or Easter. One way for us, is through books. The book, “The Garden, The Curtain, and the Cross” is AMAZING and a new found favorite in hearing the full Easter story. Jordan and I even gained a new, revelation on the biblical perspective after reading it with Ella! The author and illustrator have a Christmas book as well.

I’m very excited to add this Easter Countdown to our family traditions this year as well! Similar to an Advent calendar, we will work our way through the Easter story as we lead up to Easter morning! I spent a lot of time reading through the 4 Gospels and summarizing God’s word in a way that would get my 4 year old interested and invested. There are little questions to talk about as a family to keep their mind thinking and bring the Bible into their own lives. This “He is Risen” Easter Banner is available in my shop as an instant download for just $5 here. You can even save the file or printed pieces for next year and use it all again! Here is how it all works… more “Countdown to the Cross: Easter Banner [advent calendar style]”

The Morning Routine You Can Start Today

You don’t need January 1st to fight for who God made you to be. You just need today, girlfriend.

Yes, I’m guilty. I’m a fan girl of the viral Rachel Hollis. I read her personal development book, Girl Wash Your Face, in just days (a record for me). Jordan and I both joined her “Last 90 Days” challenge in October to finish the final 90 days of the year just as strong as we might start a new one. Whether you’re on the Hollis train or not, there are a couple valuable lifestyle changes Jordan and I have made together in the past couple months that I just can’t NOT share with you. While they’re not earth shattering, they have absolutely been life changing in our personal lives and in our relationship. Here is a bit of our new morning routine and how this realist allows herself to be a bit of a dreamermore “The Morning Routine You Can Start Today”

Finding Joy in the Chaos

Eccles. 3 “For everything there is a season. A time to be born, a time to die; a time to plant and a time to harvest; A time to weep, a time to laugh; A time to break down, and a time to build up. A time to live in chaos with 3 kids under 3, and a time to… 

Okay, that last line might not be straight from the bible, but I’m pretty sure God would say he was talking about my life right now too in that passage.

Raise your hand if you feel chaos flailing around throughout your days. I’m talking throwing sippy cups at our plans, cutting molars in the longest hours of the night and destroying a clean living room in 24 seconds flat. 

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Holiday Cranberry + Baked Brie Appetizer

This post is sponsored by Joan Of Arc Cheese but as always, the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I’m sharing a super delicious recipe this week that makes me feel totally fancy. If you’re needing something quick and easy to bring to a family Christmas or New Years Eve get-together, this might be perfect! I’m talking 3 ingredients, 5 minutes prep time and about 15 minutes of baking- now that’s a win in my mom book. And this Brie Cheese? The best!

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Sibling Snapshot

Later this week, my baby turns 4! The twins will also be 16 months just one day later. Our days all together are some of the best days of my life and I try to treasure all of it. Though some days are long with clingy babies and an opinionated threenager, most days I just beg time to freeze.

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The Final Days of Pumpkin: Muffins + Creamer Recipes

As we approach the final weeks of November, we usually phase out the pumpkin spice and bring in the peppermint, the mocha and the eggnog. Before pumpkin is so last month, I wanted to share our favorite pumpkin apple muffin recipe and some yummy homemade pumpkin spice creamer! These don’t last long in our house, so we’ve made them 3 times just this month. Jac was my baking helper this week, since if anyone is nap-striking around here, it is is always him 🙂 There’s no eggs in this recipe, so you bet he licked the spoon clean!  more “The Final Days of Pumpkin: Muffins + Creamer Recipes”

The Cold Coffee Blessings Shop!

I am so excited to share with you my Etsy shop that launched this week! I have always had a love for creating and just live for celebrating any old thing with my kids (National Donut Day, birthday parties, “let’s make a rainbow out of food for our lunch” day). Now I get to make things for other people who want to celebrate too. Introducing The Cold Coffee Blessings Shop! All the unique, handmade party decor for all the celebrations.

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Halloween Memory Lane: all the festive things

One of my favorite things about being a mom, is sharing holidays and traditions with my kids! Some years we’ve made all the seasonal footprint art and whipped up festive treats, and others have been seasons of doing less so I was more sane. Whatever life looks like right now for you, your kids are blessed to have you. They don’t need all the crafts or treats, just you. If you want some inspiration, here is a “memory lane” compilation of my favorite Halloween time traditions over the years. And as Ella likes to point out, “we like the fun kind  of Halloween, not the scary kind” 😊

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Ella’s Tea For Two Birthday Party

Dream job: planning parties. Seriously. I love the decorating and the DIYs and finding all the cute coordinating details…so much so, I might have an entrepreneurial endeavor in the works- more later. I just shared the twins’ Party Animals first birthday party here and posted about Ella’s 3rd cinderELLA birthday party here. Ella has recently started to tell me her plans for her 4th birthday (I wonder where she gets it…). She’s going back and forth between a Unicorn theme or an Art Party. Stay tuned.

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